If you are interested in a unique bonding opportunity that will provide your team and players with social media content for the season, a Digital Media Day Hype Session might be the answer. We bring the big lights, fog machine, light tubes, and any props you can think of to make this a fun experience for the players. Perfect for smaller groups of varsity players, seniors, or individual teams. This does not take the place of a teams portrait/yearbook session. 

$70 per player with a minimum of 15 players (or $1,050 minimum).  If there are not 15 players who want to purchase the base package, the price will be the $1,050 minimum. 

Teams/Players Receive:

  • Link to a digital gallery of all the final images & videos (sample).
  • Print release form (you will own the digital images).
  • Minimum of three poses of each player (two stills and one action or another still) for a total of three edited digital images of each player.
  • Minimum of one team or group image.
  • Minimum of seven Game Day images per 15 participants.
  • Minimum of six Game Day videos per 15 participants (15-second Reels-style videos).
  • Consultation about team and player needs before the photoshoot.  

Plan for a minimum of 5-6 minutes per player for the photoshoot.
Payment due before the photoshoot.

For Teams Other than Champlin Park-Please Message Me Before Scheduling. 

Number of Players