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I was the kid in high school who took every art class because I couldn’t get through a day without creating something new. Life, tools, and technology change, but the desire to create does not.
Prenzlow Photography began organically in 2011 as a primary means to realize a personal passion and fulfill a need for high-quality amateur sports images. Specializing now in action sports, dramatic portraiture, and dynamic event coverage, Prenzlow Photography goes beyond the traditional photo shoot with creative composition, professional lighting, and enhanced editing.
–Brady Prenzlow


I am so lucky to have such an amazing and supportive family. Angie, Koen, and I have lived in Brooklyn Park near Champlin Park High School since 2005.


I have taught marketing classes at North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park since 2005. I love the students and community and the ability to practice what I teach in the classroom.


When I am not teaching or shooting, I am racing my bike in one of the best communities in Minnesota. We also keep this a family-affair as Koen is a member of NorthStar Development Cycling.

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